List of Publications

  • Integer Syndrome Decoding in the Presence of Noise (eprint) (with Brice Colombier, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, and Vincent Grosso) accepted at IEEE ITW 2022.
  • Generalized Inverse Based Decoding (arxiv) (with Ferucio-Laurentiu Tiplea) presented at IEEE ISIT 2022.
  • Message-recovery Profiled Side-channel Attack on the Classic McEliece Cryptosystem (eprint) (with Brice Colombier, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Vincent Grosso) in press IEEE TIFS.
  • On the Roots of Certain Reliability Polynomials (with Leonard Daus, Marilena Jianu, Dominic Bucerzan, and Valeriu Beiu) at ICCCC 2022.
  • Message-recovery Laser Fault Injection Attack on the Classic McEliece Cryptosystem (eprint) (with Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Brice Colombier, Alexandre Menu, Lilian Bossuet) presented at Eurocrypt 2021.
  • Bhattacharyya Parameter of Monomial Codes for the Binary Erasure Channel: From Pointwise to Average Reliability, (with Gabriela Cristescu) at Sensors 2021.
  • Fast reliability ranking of matchstick minimal networks (with Valeriu Beiu) at Networks.
  • Structural properties of self-dual monomial codes with application to code-based cryptography (with Andreea Szocs) at IMACC 2021.
  • Solving a modified syndrome decoding problem using integer programming (with Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Brice Colombier, Dominic Bucerzan, and Sorin Hoara) at IJCCC.
  • Algorithms for integer syndrome decoding problem (with Alin Tiberiu Lacatus, Alexandru Popoviciu) at SOFA2020.
  • Consecutive Systems Asymptotic Threshold Behaviors (with Valeriu Beiu) at SOFA2020.
  • 3D Hammocks and 2.5D Consecutive – Biology Fine Balancing (with Valeriu Beiu and Roxana-Mariana Beiu) at SOFA2020.
  • Where Reliability Gets Ugly – The devil is in the Details (with Mihai Tache and Valeriu Beiu) at SOFA2020.


  • Integer Syndrome Decoding Problem in the Presence of Noise (with Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Brice Colombier, Vincent Grosso) at CBCrypto2022
  • Cryptanalysis of some McEliece Variants based on Monomial Codes (with Andreea Szocs)


  • ISIT 2022
  • Invited Talk at StudMathIT2020
  • Algorithms for integer syndrome decoding SOFA2020
  • Consecutive systems -Average reliability and symptotics SOFA2020